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CBD - Not just for humans

Our elderly Redtick Coonhound recently had major surgery. He did not react well to the pain medicine, so the vet had to reverse it. That left him feeling very wonky and painful.

As we got home, we administered the oral pain medication as prescribed. The wonkiness got much worse, and his legs stopped working. He ended up out in the back yard when his legs completely quit working.

He weighs well over 70 pounds, and I couldn't lift him, so my hubby and I worked together to get him into the house. He wasn't drinking water, wouldn't eat and couldn't walk. That didn't bode well for him. We were in tears thinking that he was about to cross the rainbow bridge.

Knowing I needed to ease his pain and spirit so he could rest and heal, I gave him some of the Commons CBD melon-flavored tincture that I had used before to calm him during thunderstorms.

He likes the flavor and it slipped easily down his throat. Because of it's texture, it actually soothed his throat which was sore from being intubated during surgery. Shortly thereafter, he was drinking water from the nearby bowl.

Later that day he started to perk up when we talked to him. And as the day went along, he continued to progress. A few more doses of Commons CBD melon tincture, and he regained his appetite. He ate a few bits of food and let us help him to stand.

From there, he improved quickly and within two days now, we have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Our precious Copper (think Disney's Fox & The Hound) has regained the use of his legs, his pain level is nearly nothing, and his spirit is alive and well.

I'm sharing this with you this Thanksgiving Day because we have so much to be thankful for. And if you ever find yourself or a loved one (including furbabies) in pain, remember that CBD is an excellent anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving naturally-sourced product. It has dramatically improved our lives.

God bless you this holiday season, friend!

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