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Healthy support coming your way

Avon is about to release some amazing products to enhance and support your healthy lifestyle.

One of the things I will have for you is essential oils. We did not enter into this arena without lots of science. We wanted to make sure that our products were pure, safe and effective.

Introducing AVON PURE!

One of the easiest ways to have support in your pocket or bag is with a handy essential oil roll-on. We offer Head-Aid, Focus, Energize, DeStress and Aches Away.

Our blended essential oils pair up oils and carrier oils that allow you to inhale or apply the oils to feel your absolute best...all the time.

And our single oils bring you focused relief. The scents being released are of the high quality you want and need. Since these oils are pure, they need a carrier oil before applying to skin, but they work great in the diffuser mentioned next.

I love a good diffuser to bring the droplets of oil into a light steam. The health benefits to me are sublime and the fragrance is an added benefit. I use these oils to relax, destress, improve digestion, focus my attention, and to improve my sleep quality.

(Note to those with pets or small children - best to diffuse when they aren't around. Cats are the most susceptible to essential oils. You can ask me if you have questions or refer to a certified aromatherapist.)

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