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What are the Top 5 Beauty Picks on my Avon Store?

You can click the text above to open the beauty blog on my store from resident beauty expert, Samantha. All of the items listed will link you directly to that item so you can check it out for yourself. Happy reading!

I have struggled to find a tinted brow gel that isn’t overly pigmented and looks natural. This tinted brow gel isn’t overly pigmented and helps create a natural darker brow that will stay in place all day – it has become my go-to brow gel that I use every day! I use the shade medium brown.

I love this foundation stick – it glides on smoothly and matches my skin tone perfectly. It also isn’t oily and stays on all day. I decided to use this product in a darker shade as a contour stick because I love the texture and how easily it blends – it leaves a very natural contour that stays on all day. I use shade Marshmallow for foundation and Amaretto as a bronzer.

This has been one of my favorite products from the moment I tried it. I struggle with seasonal dry skin and blemishes. When I wear lotion during the day, it tends to make my face oily and sweat off (especially on a hot summer day in the city). This hydra fusion nighttime facial treatment is the perfect solution. I apply it before I go to bed and wake up with smooth and fully moisturized skin. This treatment also contains hyaluronic acid, which I have found helps reduce redness and blemishes.

I am very picky with lotions and elixirs. I don’t like anything too thick, and I like the option to wear makeup on top of it during the day. When I tried this elixir, it quickly became my favorite. I wear it daily and noticed it has helped reduce wrinkles around my eyes. You can also layer this product because it is light and has a dry, smooth finish when it dries. I use this product as my base before applying any foundation or powder, and it keeps my skin moisturized without looking oily.

I love liquid eyeliner, but there is no worse feeling than applying the perfect eyeshadow look and messing it all up when you apply eyeliner! This eyeliner has become my solution to that issue. It is easy to apply and glides on smoothly with the perfect amount of product. It is also dark enough that one application should do the trick! I am able to wear this from work to a night out without it smudging or running down my face.

As always, let me know at what questions you have.

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