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How & why to wash your makeup brushes

First, let’s talk about WHY to clean your makeup brushes.

What makes makeup brushes so awesome is the same thing that requires them to need cleaning. Besides picking up the colors you add to your skin, they also pick up dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. You could be redepositing things to your skin that may cause it to break out or become red.

WHEN? I like to wash my makeup brushes on Sunday afternoon. That gives them a chance to be fresh and ready for the new work week. If your skin is really oily or sensitive, you might want to clean brushes twice a week. Perhaps Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon.

HOW? You can buy special brush cleaner (see image), but I prefer to use my liquid dish soap (Avon’s Cucina brand, of course!) or gentle shampoo. At the sink, I put a tiny drop of soap on the bristles and swirl my fingers through them. As I do this, I periodically put the brush back under the warm water to get the dirty suds out. I continue this until the water runs clear. Make sure there are no bubbles remaining.

Drying? Gently squeeze any moisture out of the bristles with a towel and reshape the brush into the desired shape. I like to use my dish drainer to hold the brushes up so they aren’t touching any surfaces while they dry. Be sure you don’t dry them with the bristles up so you prevent water settling into the metal band that holds the bristles.

The next day, grab your brushes and go. They will be dry, soft and ready for work.

If you use reusable makeup sponges, wash them thoroughly with warm water, squeezing while cleansing to make sure water flows clean at the end.

Your makeup brushes and sponges are such an important part of your tools, you’ll be happy you can extend their usefulness this way.

Reach out to me at for more tips on how to keep your beauty routine nice and clean. Visit my Avon store at

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