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I really DO love Avon!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I will be sharing how-to videos, tips and tricks for beauty and household.

Follow me on social media with the links provided on my pages. Let me know what topics you want me to address. I am an expert on skincare, beauty, hair (especially thick, curly hair like mine), cooking and household chores.

When I started my Avon journey, it was mostly to share my love of Avon with family and friends. If I made a little money on the side, that was just an added bonus. As time has passed, I have grown a stronger customer base simply by sharing the love. I use Avon myself, I share samples where I am able, and now that we have products for the home, I buy from my own store, so I save money in that way, too.

If you have not yet signed up to sell AVON, please join my team! It would be my honor to mentor you! To sign up, click this link:

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