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My side-gig rocks!

A few years ago, I decided to start selling Avon because I love Avon's products. It made good sense to be my own customer. But my orders were pretty much limited to family and friends. Then 2020 and the virus came along. It changed the way I was able to do my bank job because I could no longer travel. It changed the way I shopped because I didn't want to set foot in a store if I didn't have to. Even my thyroid medicine is now delivered to my home. This suits me well...and it got me thinking about how many others may feel the same way.

So I started business pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. I started carrying catalogs with me when I went somewhere. I wear our fashion, perfume, jewelry; so when someone compliments me, I proudly tell them I bought it from my own store. The discounts really started to make a difference, and my sales volume began to increase. I knew I was onto something good.

During my decades of banking, my most fulfilling jobs have included coaching, mentoring and leadership. With Avon I can use these gifts to bless others who choose to become Avon representatives. I'm good at it, and it feels good to pass along my gifts and talents.

There are SO many companies out there vying to be the side-gig of choice. But so many involve an investment in product and have requirements that did not seem built to benefit me. And the focus was typically on building long down-lines and attending endless rah-rah meetings. But Avon is different. The cost to get started is free right now, and there are no minimum sales volumes. As long as my sales are $40, I earn a discount. Nobody expects me to maintain a stash of products or spend a certain amount of money. After all, it is my own business to do with as I please. I have chosen to work it harder and achieve great success.

I would love to share my journey with you and welcome you to my team. Please visit me at and then click the link for Become a Representative. If I can do it, you can, too. And we would have such fun together!

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