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Yes! Your hair can be restored...

Whether your hair is aging and not as full and thick as it once was, or whether you've been ill (yuck to this virus!), restoring your hair's natural beauty starts at the scalp.

As we age, our scalp ages right along with our other skin. Hormone changes can also affect our scalp health.

Let me introduce you to one of the weapons in my anti-aging arsenal:

The exfoliating shampoo is the first step to cleanse and restore scalp health. Just wet the hair, and then massage the shampoo into the scalp and hair. Follow with a rinse of water. (If you are looking simply for more volume, use the hair thickening shampoo in this step.)

Now add scalp fortifying serum and massage into the scalp and rinse.

To really bring this series to life, several times per day massage in the massaging tonic using the soft "fingers" on the top of the bottle.

This set is full of para- and probiotics that will nourish your hair from scalp and root to tip.

Be sure to never brush wet hair, but gently smooth out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb. While your hair is wet, it's easier to break or split the shaft.

Happy hair, happy girl!

(Be sure to visit my store at to get your hands on these fabulous products for a gorgeous head of hair this Fall!)

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